We understand the difficulty of choosing a travel management company that is right for your business and with the multitude of different agencies out there, it is only natural to ask “why should we choose you?


Each of our employees possesses a “servant’s heart”–someone who desires to assist you and who anticipates all of your needs.  We look for this quality in every person we hire and invest the time and resources required to cultivate it.


CTP customizes our business model to your specific needs rather than integrating you into a rigid business model. We will work with you to develop, implement, and continuously improve your travel management program.


Keeping the integration of cutting-edge technology a priority. We are actively engaged in reinventing our business to keep pace with evolving technologies.  We invest in new systems and products to bring you the latest and greatest tools of a changing industry.


CTP typically saves our business clients between 12% to 20% over industry averages. CTP will show quantifiable results on your bottom line.

Why Choose CTP