Why Choose CTP?

At CTP we understand the difficulty of choosing a travel management company that is right for your business. With the multitude of different agencies out there, it is only natural to ask “why should we choose you?”

Our answer is simple – we give every customer 110% of our ability. Our staff of professionals is dedicated not only to their jobs, but to servicing and taking care of every client. We have hand-picked each of our travel agents to ensure they possess a “servant’s heart” – someone who desires to assist you and who anticipates all of your travel needs. What more, all of our travel consultants have a minimum of 5 years experience and are highly proficient at complex travel scenarios.

Our customer service is not the only thing that sets us apart from our competitors: CTP customizes and tailors our business model to your specific company needs rather than integrating you into a rigid business model. CTP will develop and establish specific benchmarks to help evaluate and improve the implemented travel management program.

We also outshine our competition through our substantial investment and integration of cutting edge technology. From our online booking tools to our mid and back-office systems, we have the expertise, leverage, and solutions to exceed your company’s expectations.

Last but certainly not least, CTP can deliver significant return on investment through our aggressive program management. CTP typically saves our business clients between 12% to 20% and more over industry averages. CTP can show quantifiable results on your bottom line.

  • Fulfillment Centers
    • Transaction processing only
    • No Program customization
    • No Training
    • No Vendor Negotiations
    • Minimum Customer Support
    • No Consulting Services
  • Mega Travel Management Companies
    • Robotic Phone System
    • Hold for an Agent
    • Tiered levels of experience
    • Rigid business model
    • Costly Training Options
    • Limited Vendor Negotiations
    • Canned Consulting Services
  • Corporate Travel Planners
    • Dedicated Agent Team
    • Flexible Business Models
    • Recurrent Training
    • Best Practices Education
    • Drive Online Adoption
    • High Touch Service Delivery
    • Frequent Program Performance Reviews
  • We have utilized CTP for approximately 15 years and you have always exceeded our expectations. During this time we have always found your staff to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

    Harvey Najim
    Harvey Najim Sirius Computer Solutions
  • This is my third year with the Silver Stars. Each year CTP Travel Services and their employees, specifically Alice Pfeiffer, have been vital to the success of the Silver Stars. From the beginning of training camp through the playoffs Alice is there for us! We have a minimum of 15 players who come in for training camp with at least four of these players leaving in a matter of weeks. As players are waived and injuries happen, players come and go during training camp. We have 17 regular season games that require the Silver Stars to travel, not including the preseason game and playoffs. Alice handles all arrangement for us from the hotel rooms to the flights. She always makes sure that everything is taken care of and is done quickly and efficiently. Changes occur every day at a moment’s notice. Alice is always very helpful with these changes and handles everything with a friendly demeanor. During the Silver Stars season I speak to Alice almost daily. She is amazing to work with and is a huge asset to CTP Travel Service

    Evelyn Sealey
    Evelyn Sealey Spurs Sports & Entertainment
  • Professional and knowledgeable, they helped us bring the program in on time and on budget. If you're considering developing an incentive program or changes to an existing program, they would be a smart choice.

    Rob Emberley
    Rob Emberley Vice President of Marketing - Norwood Promotional Products
  • Valero Energy Corporation has been associated with Corporate Travel Planners, Inc. since November 1997. Your company’s dedication to customer service and business relationships remains strong and continues to be a top priority.

    Dana Parnes
    Dana Parnes Valero Energy
  • We are greatly appreciative of the time and effort that you put into helping make the experience of the attendees run smoothly and effectively. Your attention to detail allowed all of us to concentrate on our jobs and to succed in our goals. Many thanks for your outstanding efforts.

    George L. Argyros
    George L. Argyros Ambassador -Embassy of the United States of America, Madrid
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