We utilize a world class reporting solution to provide advanced business intelligence and analytics to our clients.

We are better able to understand travel and expense spend and proactively control costs.

Our clients have universal and instant access to their travel and expense data.

Easy sign In via the web

User-friendly & easily navigated

iBank Data Consolidation

iBank Data Consolidation gives you a single interface to manage your travel data. By taking the data from all of our sources, cleansing it, standardizing it across multiple data points, and storing it in our secure data center, iBank Data Consolidation allows us to give you the best version of your data in a single format that you can actually use.

iBank Reporting

iBank Reporting delivers 95 standard reports and a virtually unlimited number of user-defined reports upon demand or on a scheduled broadcast basis. With the iBank reporting system you can focus on Spend Analysis, Supplier Management, Policy/Risk Management, Activity Management, Spend Management, Reconciliation Analysis, and Carbon Reporting.


Sample of one of the reports by Grasp.(pdf)


Sample of one of the reports by iBank.(pdf)