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*Turn around time of expedited passport processing is usually 72 hours.
(subject to govt. availability)

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“We received the visas in a timely and professional manner, as we had been assured we would be.  There were no surprises or complications and we appreciated the skilled service and help.” – Mrs. Henry

Corporate Travel Planners Visa and Passport Services makes every effort to ensure that the passport(s) and/or visa(s) you have requested are correct. Upon receiving your documents from Corporate Travel Planners, it is imperative for the traveler to verify:

  • Any visa(s) you have requested has been obtained.
  • The dates of the visa(s) cover your period of intended stay for each country with the appropriate number of entries you have requested.
  • Your passport is valid for the appropriate time you will be abroad.

The issuance of any visa or passport is entirely at the discretion of that issuing authority. Be aware that holding a valid visa for any country does not automatically entitle the traveler guaranteed entry into that country. Entry into any foreign nation is the final decision of the local immigration authorities upon arrival. Corporate Travel Planners does not warrant or guarantee that any foreign Consulate, Embassy, or U.S. Passport Agency will issue a document in a timely manner and Corporate Travel Planners service fees only are for taking reasonable actions to foster such issuance within the client’s prescribed timeline. Whenever possible, non-refundable tickets should not be purchased until all necessary visas and passports for travel are secured. Under all circumstances, you (and not Corporate Travel Planners) are responsible for making sure that you have complied with the necessary requirements.

While Corporate Travel Planners is a leading provider of visa and passport services, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to ensure they have complied with all necessary requirements to obtain a foreign visa or passport. Corporate Travel Planners Visa and Passport Services acts as a service agent only and is not liable for any negligent actions or omissions of a foreign consular office, U.S. Passport Agency, other government agencies, and delivery services. Corporate Travel Planners shall in no event be liable to you for any indirect claims, damages, or lost profits resulting from a failure to obtain a visa or passport in a timely manner.

Use of our services constitutes an agreement to these terms.