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Managing travel may cut annual costs up to 20%*

*Speculation is based on trends and results of data collected from the Topaz Report by Corporate Travel Planners.


CTP’s client portfolio contains a diverse mixture of businesses, yet we have a heavy concentration on Higher Education. Indeed, 35% of our clients are Higher Education Agencies. Within the past year, we have added 15 Higher Education Components as our clients. This growth is tied to our thorough knowledge of both the needs and wants of Universities – to include such items as, travel policy enforcement, multiple travel policy capabilities, state contract compliance, approval process (up to two tiers), and PCI compliance.


We pride our company in providing a unique blend of big agency power, and mom-and-pop customer service. Your travelers will never call into a large call-center with faceless agents and long wait times. Instead, Universities can customize how you would like your service – whether that is through the use of our shared corporate agents, your own dedicated agents, or éven on-site agents. You can even elect to create a separate VIP desk.

Additionally, CTP can completely customize your University Concur site. Unlike some travel management companies, we give you the choice to turn all options on or off, and will even help design and build solutions to your travel program dilemmas. Furthermore, CTP offers our online support desk to assist travelers with Concur site navigation, profile settings, and password help.

At the end of the day, CTP does not have a rigid service model we fit our customers into: rather, CTP builds our service model around the travel program wants and needs of the customer.


Even with the dramatic expansion of the Internet and the proliferation of new sources offering bookable travel content, Global Distribution System (GDS) are the primary, most comprehensive and reliable platform for travel agencies and their clients to access, shop and book travel. CTP, as a multi-GDS Agency, can query more options and pricing, especially for complex travel scenarios, in a shorter amount of time.


CTP offers our clients a customized, co-branded University Travel portal with the ability for user messaging updates, links to Travel Policy, and Concur online booking tool, at no additional cost. CTP’s Web Development Manager will customize the web portal to the exact wants and needs of the University. Additionally, our Web Development Manager is responsible for updating and maintaining the site.


CTP firmly believes training is a relevant aspect of any successful travel program. As such, we customize our training program to meet the needs and goals of each account, and then determine the best mode of education for your University, whether that be live webinars, archived online training sessions, or our highly recommended on-site training classes.

During our recent implementation of the University of Texas System, CTP structured the training on a per component basis. The majority of Universities preferred a lecture format, product demo, and meet and greet directly afterward for all of their travelers and travel arrangers. However, other Universities preferred an in-depth travel training class – diving deeply into all aspects of our travel tools, while also participating in weekly Concur webinars. CTP conducted multiple in-person training classes for those universities who preferred it. CTP does not charge our clients for any CTP sessions, manuals, materials, software or instructor time.


CTP uses the advanced technology of Rapid Reprice, an automated ticket reissue software program, to produce savings through reduced costs per booking and lowered debit memos. CTP uses the same technology as the world’s largest airlines to research old and new fares and rules, and generate a new ticket in minutes. The automated process dramatically improves agent productivity through its intuitive screens and simplified process – directly translating into client savings.


CTP can pre-pay hotel rates with Sabre Travel Settlement Services (TSS), a virtual credit card system that automates the entire hotel bill-back process. TSS was created to replace the manual, labor-intensive process of hotel bill settlement. Virtual credit cards are generated and attached directly to the PNR during the booking process. Automatic settlement once the trip occurs ensures a property is paid within standard card terms. A fully-detailed audit trail is created using this process. With traveler data separated by the PNR, CTP’s clients will have access to comprehensive traveler information which our client to easily keep an eye on travel policy. Additionally, Direct Bill is very useful for the occasional travelers who do not have company cards; or even for younger travelers and those without a strong credit history who may not have sufficient funds on their credit card to cover the cost of the hotel room. The process of Direct Bill eases their travel burdens.

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