Coronavirus – Announcements and Links

CTP remains fully committed to providing our customers every resource available during this evolving situation.  The below airlines links will assist in guiding you in making the most informed travel decision prior to making contact with our full-service agents


Where can I find the latest updates on travel restrictions?

Is there a policy that airlines have to follow regarding flight rebooking or refund for trips canceled due to COVID-19?

Each airline will have its own policies with regard to refunds and flight re-bookings, subject to local rules and regulations. Please check with your airline or contact CTP to speak with your travel agent.

What can passengers do to protect themselves from an infection?

The range of simple measures advised by WHO are effective even for passengers on a flight: careful hand-washing on a regular basis, or at least hand sanitize, avoiding touching other people, covering coughs and sneezes (and then hand-washing), avoiding traveling if becoming unwell, and avoiding contact with anyone who appears to be unwell.

How high is the risk of contracting a virus on a plane?

It has been assessed that the risk is lower than being at a shopping center or in an office. Compared with those locations, a modern aircraft has its cabin air changed many times more frequently than offices or shops. For most modern aircraft types, the air supplied to the passenger cabin is either 100% fresh or is a mixture of fresh and re-circulated air that is filtered through HEPA filters of the same efficacy (99.97% or better) in removing viruses as those used in surgical operating rooms.  As in a shopping center or an office, the biggest risk is if someone remains in the environment while unwell with a viral infection.