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Online Itineraries and Invoices

Online Itineraries and Invoices

All confirmed bookings will result in an e-mail-generated confirmation from the Sabre platform that will instantly transmit to each individual traveler (as well as other designated recipients per each booking file) once the electronic ticket is issued.


The e-mail recipients will receive both an e-confirmation of their booking file, and also a link to the Virtually There portal to perform other functionality, like calendar import, online check-in, weather and local maps. Our self booking applications; specifically Concur Travel, have a new integrated smart phone application called Concur on the Go that enable online users to do everything with and around a business travel itinerary. The Concur on the Go feature includes the ability to receive flight status updates, cancelled/delayed flight information, gate changes, etc. that could
impact the business traveler; communicated via text messaging. Additionally, the application enables online users to book and change rental car and hotel reservations make private car, taxi, and dining reservations. CTP/Travel Leaders will be happy to demonstrate this enhanced mobile application to the decision makers during this project timeline. The Concur Mobile function provides access for free to the users for applications with Droids, I-phones and BlackBerry. For more information on Concur Mobile, see the following


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