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Contingency Plans and Disaster Recovery

Contingency Plans and Disaster Recovery


Yes, CTP/Travel Leaders locally and nationally have a comprehensive crisis management plan that includes disaster recovery and service delivery back-up planning. CTP/Travel Leaders offers two solutions to our business clients in risk management and crisis intervention (duty of care).  For clients who wish to manage risk assessment and crisis intervention in-house, we provide online access to our iBank online reporting technology, which includes specific reporting and assessment analysis of crisis management activities.  This technology pulls current reservation detail (both pre-trip and trips en-route) into a single database for exact event impact queries, so that risk management personnel can take proactive intervention measures to ensure the safety and security of their traveling employees.


Another option is to enable CTP/Travel Leaders to provide travel program key stake holders with up-to-the-minute details on events and a list of impacted personnel (pre-travel as well as en-route travelers) so that risk management can take appropriate action for re-accommodations, and crisis intervention measures.


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