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Sabre Product

Sabre Product


SABRE GDS – provides global access to more than 400 airlines, 100,000 hotel properties, 13 cruise lines and 25 car rental brands. CTP has utilized SABRE for the past 20 years and our agents have an average SABRE

work experience of 10 years which translates into high productivity and responsive knowledge. What more, CTP’s management team has over 200 years SABRE work experience combined.

Sabre Traveler Security – Safety and security of travelers is extremely important in today’s travel environment. And the need for better business intelligence is growing. With Sabre Traveler Security you can easily find your travelers and respond quickly in the event of an emergency or travel disruption.

Bargain Finder Plus – is an itinerary-led shopping feature which enables us to find lower-priced itinerary options based on specific criteria provided by our customers. This feature searches alternate airlines, airports, time of day and inventory to provide up to 19 lower fare options. This product works in conjunction with Concur OBT.

E-Ticketing – All confirmed bookings will result in an e-mail-generated confirmation from the Sabre platform that will instantly transmit to each individual traveler (as well as other designated recipients per each booking file) once the electronic ticket is issued. The e-mail recipients will receive both an e-confirmation of their booking file, and also a link to the Virtually There portal to perform other functionality, like calendar import, online check-in, weather and local maps.

Virtually There – The Sabre Virtually There® Web and mobile sites enable travel experts the ability to provide real-time, valuable travel information to their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Trip Case – TripCase takes the stress out of travel PREPARING you for changes to your trip & pulling details into ONE MASTER ITINERARY, available anytime, via app or web.

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