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Corporate Travel Planners is a global travel management company with the vast resources and advanced technology to fulfill all your business needs. CTP is an affiliate of Travel Leaders, one of the largest travel management companies in the world, and offers our clients online booking tools, on demand reporting technology, account managers with 12+ years of business travel experience, hotel discounts at over 600,000+ global locations, and 24/7/365 emergency assistance.

Wherever your business takes you…
CTP’s scalable service delivery models include basic online or live agent booking requests to complex travel programs with off shore locations and multiple travel policies. We can and do handle them all, and we do it well!

CTP strongly believes not only in the power of technology – but also in its evolution. We have selected multiple technologies and unique pricing techniques to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our travel management programs. Securing the “best of the breed” allows CTP to ensure the lowest prices available within our Global Distribution System (GDS) for air, car, hotel, and rail reservations. CTP’s position as a system’s integrator allows us to offer the most robust and current solutions for each and every customer.

  • SABRE GDS – SABRE GDS provides global access to more than 400 airlines, 100,000 hotel properties, 13 cruise lines and 25 car rental brands.
  • Sabre Traveler Security –  With Sabre Traveler Security you can easily find your travelers and respond quickly in the event of an emergency or travel disruption.
  • Bargain Finder Plus – Bargain Finder Plus is an itinerary-led shopping feature which enables us to find lower-priced itinerary options based on specific criteria provided by our customers.
  • E-Ticketing – All confirmed bookings will result in an e-mail-generated confirmation from the Sabre platform that will instantly transmit to each individual traveler once the electronic ticket is issued.
  • Virtually There – The Sabre Virtually There® Web and mobile sites enable travel experts the ability to provide real-time, valuable travel information to their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • TRAMS Back Office – Trams® provides right-size information technology solutions and is one of the most popular back office accounting and reporting system on the market today.
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  • MagnaTech Compliance Control is CTP’s quality control product used for both full service and Concur OBT. This product sweeps through a queue every 15 minutes to process all bookings made by a full service agent or our online booking tool.
  • MagnaTech Unused Ticket Tracking – tracks unused tickets booked by our full service agents and also booked through Concur OBT. It updates profiles and sends customer notifications regarding unused tickets that are ready for use.
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  • iBank Reporting – CTP’s reporting tool which gives our customers access via the web for their data with a unique user ID. iBank Reporting provides us with a global view of travel spend by enabling us to capture and bring together all of the information from all trips taken and planned, throughout the world.
  • Grasp Reporting – This state-of-the-art reporting system addresses all reporting needs. Standard and custom data cleansing rules allow for manipulating data and tailoring the product to your specific way of reporting.
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  • Concur Solutions – is an online booking tool where travelers can book domestic and international flights, reserve rental cars and make hotel and rail reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week– all from their desktop browsers or smart phones.
  • Concur on the Go – Our self booking applications, specifically Concur Travel, have a new integrated smart phone application called Concur on the Go that enable online users to do everything with and around a business travel itinerary.
  • Concur Profile Management – Concur OBT offers Profile Management that can be accessed online by traveler and/or travel arranger and it can also be accessed by full service agents.
  • Concur Approval Process – Concur’s pre-trip approval system supports single and multi-tiered approval hierarchies and documents each reservation with the time, date and authorizer comments associated with each trip.
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