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Groupize and Corporate Travel Planners

Finally a tool for Multi Room Bookings, Small Groups and Meetings.

groupize-and-CTPThe first strategic solution to source, book and manage transient rates, multi room bookings, extended stays, groups and meetings in one easy to use application. Providing a better experience to your travel arrangers, streamlining negotiations and communications, achieving greater savings while maintaining the core pillars of your travel policy including compliance, duty of care, business intelligence and operational efficiencies for groups of all sizes.

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Uncover hidden spend and never be surprised again.

Most corporations are not tracking 2/3rd’s of their groups and meetings, mostly bookings of 2 to 25 rooms and meetings with less than 50 participants. Easily monitor who is booking and control the process and spend. Complementary to existing programs and policies, while ensuring visibility, compliance, data and savings.

Effortless Sourcing and Booking

Shorten your procurement cycle by days. Automate the manual tasks involved in shopping, selecting, booking and managing small groups, meetings, extended stays and multi room bookings. Spotlight preferred hotels with real time pricing, exclusive group deals, negotiated rates and corporate policies. Quickly create RFP’s and receive quotes on sleeping rooms, meeting rooms, F&B and other services or Book Instantly.

Save, Negotiate & Track

Save time and money searching, finding and selecting from over 110,000 hotels for your small groups, multi room bookings, engagements and small meetings. View and book your negotiated rates for transient, extended stays and groups. Track the resulting bids and savings, analyze and spot trends. Share reports with your stakeholders to measure ROI and identify further cost saving opportunities. Ensure your hard won discounts are loaded – and bookable – in a group booking engine.

The Human Touch

Innovation supported by passion. It’s our job to make you look good and speed always wins. Let us worry about response times and deadlines, initiate the request and our team of experienced group travel professionals will take it from there.

Start saving time & money with your groups and meetings.


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